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David Owens
Bragger/English 1A
July 15, 2014
Snowden: Judas Iscariot he is not, or is he?
The list of infamous traitors is short and perhaps less well-known than other less significant lists, like the list of this year’s Oscar nominees. There was; Brutus, Tokyo Rose, Mata Hari, Benedict Arnold, John Anthony Walker Jr., and Judas who was one of the twelve disciples, and perhaps the most well-known of all traitors, he betrayed Jesus for a mere handful of coins. This list is incomplete, but it lists traitors who were both foreign and domestic, from modern day to the time of the Old Testament. Some of these traitors were responsible for the loss of lives, and others were not. Edward Snowden is the current candidate for traitor, and claims that his revelations have brought no physical harm to anybody. That in my opinion is yet to be seen. Being a traitor is like being a democrat, either you are, or you are not. There is no gray area. A traitor is a traitor no matter what you clothe him in, and make no mistake Edward Snowden is a traitor. The overwhelming question’s seems to be; did Snowden take an oath, and if so did he violate that oath? Doe’s the public have a right to know everything that our government doe’s, and is it the duty of the press to report anything, and everything that they are subjected to regardless of the outcome? Like everything else that is within proximity to the Snowden story these particular questions are complicated and probably have more than one answer. Let’s begin by examining the issue of the oath.Edward Snowden states that he did not take an oath, yet he does admit that he signed a condition of his employment. A condition of employment is a standard contract, form 312, that when signed the person signing said contract, accepts the terms rather than swearing to them. In her article in The New Yorker, Amy Davidson writes in reference to the contract, “by signing it Snowden agreed that he was aware that there were federal laws against...

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