Snowboarding Trip

Topics: Snowboarding, United States, English-language films Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: September 16, 2002
Snowboarding can be an energizing, invigorating experience and I think that everyone who likes skateboarding should give it a try. Snowboarding is very similar to skateboarding, the only differences are that you have to be strapped to the board and you need snow. The only type of equipment you need to snowboard is a snowboard and warm clothes. Snowboarding can be done at any ski resort and is growing in popularity.

On my nineteenth birthday I decided that I wanted to go to Peak-in-Peak ski resort. I called TJ, Scott, and Justin to invite them on this trip; they all accepted my invention to go. The fact that the three of them have skateboarded with me for a number of years I knew that they would be interested in learning to snowboard; what better time than this trip to do so. The ski resort that I had picked for the trip was in New York. Peak-in-Peak was perfect for all levels of snowboarding. I was most interested in the snowboard train park that was offered there.

February 22, 2001 we arrived at our condo that I had rented for our weekend of excitement. It was Friday at about 5:00pm, the Friday of my birthday. After checking in we were all eager to hit the slopes. We all got changed into our snowboard gear and set out for some fun. TJ and Justin caught on to the sport very quickly, after a couple of falls they were up and going down the hill. Scott took a little more time and instruction from me to pick up the art of going down the hill. After all the fun snowboarding we went back to the condo with some newfound friends and had a party. The party got a bit out of control at about 3:00am and the police were soon there to bust up the party. We all were issued under age drinking tickets. The police then took half of our beer; after all of this happening we still managed to have a good rest of the trip. The four of us left New York a little better at snowboarding and drinking games, and with a few more friends then we had come there with....
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