Snowboarding or gymnastics?

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Is It Snow Boarding or Gymnastics?


Since the 1960s, snowboarding has been growing by leaps and bounds (Turnbull, Keogah and Kilding). At the moment, it is one of the fastest growing sports. Itsinclusion as a Winter Olympics sport is credited with the growth. As one of the most popular sporting events in the world, Winter Olympics provides snowboarding with enough exposure. Triple and double corks have transformed snowboarding into an acrobatic show. Most moves from riders resemble those of gymnastic acrobats.Accordingly, a good rider must be able to perform a few gymnastics tricks. Substantial physical capabilities are, hence, vital for the safety of a rider and maximizing a jump’s amplitude (Turnbull, Keogah and Kilding). However, over-reliance on corks makes a rider conservative and boring. Such riders are said to lack style. The main elements of snowboarding include originality, difficulty and style. Style, nonetheless, should be thedominant consideration since progression in skill levels halts from time to time. It is very difficult for someone to have style while conducting many spins and flips. Style determines how controlled a rider looks in the process of performing a trick or two. Additionally, a trick performed aesthetically is more pleasing than a cork. Some corks are difficult to master or understand due to their speed and complexity. This paper argues that style separates good riders from great leaders.

Difficulty and Danger as Elements of Snowboarding

A number of factors are considered in judging tricks (Tan). Nonetheless, difficulty and endangerment remain the most weighted aspects of snowboarding. What is considered is not actual difficulty, but what the public and judges perceive to bechallenging. “A clean switch backside 1260 is just as hard as a double cork 10” (Tanpar. 8). As compared to switch backsides, double corks are more recent tricks. For that reason, they are viewed as challenging and dangerous. For instance,...

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