Snowboarding Market Research: Norway

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The purpose of the following report is to determine the feasibility of the export of Endo Snowboard Company’s snowboards, to the Norwegian market. Endo Snowboards is a relatively new (two years old) snowboard manufacturing company based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It is small in size with only 20 employees. The employee’s core competencies include manufacturing, marketing, artistic and business skills. The highly skilled employees have caught the attention of many local investors to make the export of this product possible. The main objectives for Endo Snowboards is to penetrate the strong Norwegian market by using unique design, eye catching graphics, heavy marketing and promotion. With the appeal of affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship and an extensive warranty policy, Endo Snowboards is confident it can penetrate the market and profit from this wealthy economy. By obtaining this objective, Endo Snowboards can then look forward with the possibility of future expansion across Europe and then globally. Before the export of this product can be made possible, certain questions must be answered. Such as: •What qualities and characteristics give this product an edge over the competition? •What barriers and what costs are involved with exporting to this country? Why choose this country for export? •What strategies and methods are used to create brand awareness and achieve success in the market? The following report will answer these questions and look in depth at the feasibility of exporting Endo Snowboards’ product to Norway. Product Characteristics

Snowboards are made with eight main materials: Top sheet with printed graphic, fiber glass, wood core, inserts, base, steel edges, resin system (Glue), rubber foil, carbon fiber can be added along with other performance enhancing materials such as Kevlar. (Snowboard construction) Boards for children are as short as 90 centimeters; boards for racers, or "alpine" riders, are as long as 215 cm. Freestyle boards are up to 28 cm wide, to assist with balance. Alpine boards are typically 18-21 cm wide, although they can be as narrow as 15 cm. The average rider uses boards in the 24-25 cm range. Depending on the size and style of the board, weights can range from 1lb to 5lbs or .4 to 2.3kgs. (Snowboard) The lines of boards dealt with in this report are the most common, recreational purpose boards. Endo Snowboards’ brand is unique in its style and in quality. Through the use of colorful air brushing, precision detail, and stylish graphics, Endo Snowboards’ brand stands out from all other competition. Also with the use of Kevlar and hours of careful manufacturing the quality and durability of the snowboard is like no other. Endo Snowboards’ product line includes men’s, women’s and youth recreational snowboards. Canadian Market

Snowboarding can be for recreational or competitive use. According to Print Measurement Bureau estimates, 72% of Canadian snowboarders are between 12 and 24 years of age. The most active snowboarders, those who engage in the sport at least four times a month, are between 12 and 17. Only 9% of all snowboarders are between 35 and 49. (More Skiers and Snowboards) Snowboarding is a relatively new (past 25 years) fun sport available for everyone who is able and enjoys outdoor winter activities. Snowboarding competes with downhill skiing. Skiing has been around for many years and has the first mover advantage when it comes to outdoor winter sports. The fact that snowboarding is a relatively new, exciting way of experiencing the slopes is enticing people to give it a try. According to Statistics Canada, the number of Canadian skiers fell by 4% between ‘97 and ‘99, while the number of snowboarders has increased by 3%. This trend continues today. In the Canadian market mostly all of the production takes place on the west coast where skiing and snowboarding is popular due to the Rocky Mountains. New ski/snowboard resorts continue to...

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