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Topics: Snow White, Fairy tale, Brothers Grimm Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Snow White,
The Message Beyond The Fairy Tale

I don’t remember how old I was when I first watched Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story Snow White. I do remember I liked the movie because it was full of color and life. This story woke up my child dreams and expectations of friendship and love. As Snow White, I thought the love of a prince would bring happiness to me. After growing up and finding a frog instead of a prince, I thought Snow White and other fairy tales were really not beneficial stories to tell young girls. I didn’t think teaching fantasy over reality could do any good for any girl. It was my father who made me think of the hidden messages within the story. He made me think about the real lesson to learn beyond the fairy tale. My father said this tale was not only meant to feed girls’ dreams but to help any person grow from within. There are some symbolisms in Snow White that tells us how it is possible to live happily ever after. This story is very old, and it is related to some similarities with Persephone from the Greek mythology (Snow White – Wikipedia p5). The story has survived throughout history and has been adapted many times. Some of the most famous adaptations to the story are those made by the Grimm brothers and the so well-known Walt Disney. Accepting actual circumstances instead of trying to change them is a very difficult skill to obtain, and yet it is a sign of self realization. Poverty is not a factor of unhappiness. At the beginning of the story, Snow White lives in her stepmother’s castle. She lives there but she is not treated as a princess; instead she is a maid. Doing errands of a maid does not break Snow White’s spirit. She lives her days enjoying the shining sun and the chirping birds. She has a cheerful attitude toward her actual condition because she accepts the situation without judgment. Although she holds dreams for a better life outside of the castle, she does not complain or think about how her...
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