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There are several different ways to tell the story of Snow White. It was originally created by the Grimm Brothers and this story and various others were published in 1812. Their stories were created to scare children into behaving and usually had some type of moral to the end of each story. Several years later in 1938 Walt Disney made an animated film about Snow White but made several changes from the original to better fit for his audience. Disney came to be one of the first to make a color animated film in English and he usually made these films for his daughters enjoyment. Recently in 2012 Rupert Sanders directed the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Just like Disney, Sanders made several changes to the original story to better fit his audience which the majority was around 13 and older. Sanders made this movie to be more for adults then for children so many small details changed. When compared to the original Snow White by the Grimm Brothers, these two rewrites had many similarities like the apple, but what really stood out was how different the poisoned apple was given to Snow White to fall her death in each story.

In the original Snow White by the Grimm Brothers the evil witch attempted to kill Snow two times before. The first time she went she colored her face to make her seem like an old peddler woman selling bodice laces, she got Snow to try it on and squeezed it so tight so she couldn’t breathe. But then the dwarves came and saved her just in time by unlacing the bodice. The second time she poisoned a comb and again dressed up like a different old woman. She then convinced Snow to let her comb her hair and stuck it in her hair and she fell unconscious. But then again the dwarves came and saved her just in time by pulling out the comb. Finally she made a poisoned apple and disguised herself as a peasant woman. She came up to the dwarf’s house but Snow got smart so she kept declining the apple but since the apple was only poisoned from one side the...

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