Snog Marry Avoid

Topics: Fake, Gok Wan, Makeover Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Snog, Marry, Avoid – Michelle Hawkley

When first seeing an advertisement for Snog, Marry, Avoid, I thought finally a make-over show that is not educating people on how we all need these weird, wonderful and downright bizarre products and treatments to make us all look beautiful. The show boasts being the first “make-under” show, taking over the top, peculiar and idiosyncratic members of the public and turning them all into “natural beauties”. The program is shown on BBC 3 at 19:30 on weekdays and is presented by natural beauty and comedian Ellie Taylor.

The episode focuses on wannabe WAG`s of Manchester and aims to remove their layers and layers of “fakery” and reveal the “natural beauties” within. Colourful contestant Adrienne from Widnes, who describes herself as a blonde Cheryl Cole, bravely subjects herself to the public and “POD`s” harsh criticism and ridicule. The problem is, the Personal Overhaul Device, or POD for short, is responsible for implementing the make-under is a robot or should I say a woman, ironically “pretending” to be a robot. POD is as fake as Adrienne’s hair extensions but insists on insulting poor Adrienne about her lashes, glitter and tan. Bold, Brassy, beach babe Adrienne takes POD`s criticisms lightly and embraces the make-under with both hands. It constantly contradicts itself and there is nothing real or natural about the show. The majority of the show is staged and faked particularly in the pre-make-under shots to ensure the viewers develop a negativity towards her fashion choices. Adrienne’s boyfriend miraculously finds her hair extensions under the sink whilst repairing a leak and the cameras just so happened to have been recording their pre-make-under shots. 100% of the public said they would avoid Adrienne but there’s no comment on how many members of the public were interviewed or how they were chosen. Were they chosen from the nearby library? Or just “randomers” from the high street? I doubt they were all picked...
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