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Defining the meaning of marketing:

Marketing is keeping the marketing mix on point by keeping the 4P’s into prospective (Product) (Price) (Promotion) (Place)while trying to promote your product or service at the same time trying to prove to the consumer that it is worth them spending their time and money buying and utilizing.


Snickers – “Your not you when your hungry”

When it comes to Snickers chocolate candy bar there are a lot of people that enjoy this type of candy. Snickers were generated from an American global manufacture owned by Frank C. Mars the founder of Mars Incorporated that makes other types of chocolate candy bars such as Twix not to mention pet food, and other food related products. As far as marketing they do a lot of advertisement through television commercials and also with outside sources such as the NFL Super bowl, NASCAR, Snickers feast. Since snickers was created they have expanded to make many more types of snickers ranging from ice cream bars, 2 to go, mini size, fun size, or even snickers with almonds or peanut butter squared or even the marathon energy bars.

When it comes to marketing with this company they have it down and are very successful.


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