Snickers Redefinig Masculinity

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Candy bar Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: November 3, 2008
TV Commercial:

Snickers: Redefining Masculinity

In the past decade, homosexuality has become widely discussed subject in the U.S. The topic is no longer tabooed and our nation has become very familiar with the term. We often hear the topic come up in our daily life, as well as books, movies, and entertainment news that is most likely revealing that a certain celebrity is not hiding their homosexuality anymore. The issue is often presented as an issue that has already been addressed, accepted and is no longer a controversial subject. We would like to pretend that we are a nation that embraces individuality and differences among all. Any type of offense committed against a person because of their sexual orientation is frowned upon and at times can even be classified as a hate crime. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Rather than frown, we're suppose to laugh. In recent years, a few advertising agencies have found "humor" in ridiculing homosexuals. This doesn't sound too abstract. It's nothing new that any group that excludes the average heterosexual white man has ended up being the butt of jokes i e: Homosexuals, African Americans, and people of Jewish descent. General society is often not comfortable with the issue of homosexuality. It is either ignored or maligned by the media. The 2008 Snickers "Get Some Nuts" ad campaign, featuring Mr. T, used homosexuals as the butt of their jokes.

The commercial was made by ad agency AMV BBDO and Mr. T is the main character of this commercial. Mr T. was BA Baracus in the hit show "The A-team", his character on the show is the same one portrayed in the commercial. Mr.T could very well embody every stereotypical aspect of masculinity,and is probably the last person that comes to mind when the word homosexual is mentioned. The commercial begins with Mr. T crashing through a building on the back of a flatbed truck mounted with a Snickers-firing machine gun. Mr. T pulls...
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