Snickers Diva Commercial

Topics: Eating, Appetite, Woman Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Many people watch the Snickers Diva commercial and think its funny, but people may not understand the true ideology behind the commercial. The commercial has a purpose behind it. It targets all men when it states, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” It sends a message to men telling them that in order to be a man, they must satisfy their large appetites. To do that, they should eat a snickers, a man’s food.

In Susan Bordo’s article, “Hunger as Ideology” she talks about how society views the appetite of males and females. Women can only be seen as beautiful if they are thin. She refers to a dialogue between two young girls saying, “Your mother, she is so slim, so beautiful! Does she eat?” The daughter replies: “Silly, just not so much” (pg99). Bordo explains how society expects women to have very small appetites. There are numerous ads in the media that tell young girls and women that they must be on diets. What they look like doesn’t matter as much as their body image. As long as a woman is skinny she is accepted by society. One of the main reasons women strive to stay slim is because, “men are likely to view long, slim legs, a flat stomach, and a firm rear end as essentials of female beauty” (pg102). “In commercials that feature male eaters, the men are shown in a state of wild, sensual transport over heavily frosted, rich, gooey desserts. Their total lack of control is portrayed as appropriate even adorable” (pg111). In comparison to women, compulsive eating is known to be natural for a man. Men are “supposed” to have large appetites.

The snickers diva commercial starts out with three men and one woman in a car going for a long drive. The woman sitting in the backseat, Aretha Franklin starts complaining and acting like a diva. She complains that it’s very hot in the car. The audience legitimately believes that it is of course Aretha Franklin, until the friend next to him says, “Jeff, eat a snickers, please. Every time you get hungry, you turn into a...
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