Snack Foods and American Values

Topics: Meal, Food, Snack food Pages: 4 (1678 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Snacking and American Values
As Americans we obtain many things throughout our lives, food being one of those priorities. Food is not only a part of our daily lives, but an influence on us. It begins with the people whom we may interact with during the day as a dining partner or a person whom we share stories The demand of consumers for snacks demonstrate how Americans value their needs and wants. In order to identify how American values have changed over time, I will compare and analyze snack foods with relationships to those changes in American values. . It will be shown that more and more people are eating smaller meals per day. I will then establish and analyze trends among snacks and what health influences it has upon people. In conclusion I will show how the consumption of snack foods directly correlates to specific age groups. More and more people are eating smaller meals per day. In past centuries, making homemade food was not only seen upon the center of the table on holidays, but a tradition among their daily lives. Eating a meal at a table was a must. It was how families talked and shared stories. It was a big deal to everyone involved. Now days, when a family sits down to enjoy a decent meal upon the center of the table, most of the time there is one person of the family missing. The missing person is probably out grabbing a snack instead. Americans do not see eating dinner all together at a table being super important as they did back then. Due to the fact that now families are spending less time having large meals together, requires people to rely on snack foods to relieve their hunger. In past time snacks were not so readily available because more people depended on family meals. In those days a snack referred to an apple or orange at a community market. Today snacks are everywhere. We see them at the gas station. We find them at the car wash. There are vending machines literally everywhere. It becomes obvious that because of the change in...
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