Topics: Human trafficking, Smuggling, People smuggling Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Morgan McCaskey
Period 2
8 March 2013
The Penalties of Smuggling More than 17,000 people were smuggled or trafficked into the United States. The U.S Mexico border is the most unstable region in North America. In groups of 10 to 16, women and children routinely cross the border, led by brazen smugglers called polleros. Smugglers should receive harsher penalties because the treatment of the immigrants are inhumane, it’s a National Threat, and its illegal. In the article,” Trafficking in Humans,” the author says,” The tales of smugglers heartlessness are well known.” Immigrants were fooled into thinking that jobs awaited them and that they would have a better life. Instead of going to their dreamland they imagined, they were force into a debt peonage. They were forced to work in orchards and fields or as housemaids until they paid off their debt to be transported. Immigrants that come to work voluntarily, can find themselves in the hands of sophisticated criminal enterprises. Women and children, were trafficked into sex slavery, some were brought across the border by organized smuggling rings. At no circumstances should any humans being treated like the way these immigrants do. Human smuggling is a national threat to the U.S. we have not a clue of whom had been smuggled into our country. It is dangerous for the U.S gov’t not to know who is entering our Nation. It won’t be long until terrorist will try to become tied in with smugglers. Smugglers and terrorist are much more different and they both think of techniques to enter the country illegally. United Nations had a conference on human trafficking to make a plan end it all. The plan did not work, they decided to make a new plan, but this would limit resources. As a worldwide issue, the victims and clients often come from different regions, as associated with terrorist. Sixty-two percent of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, that’s...
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