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Topics: Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis Pages: 11 (3010 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Assignment 2
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[MB0040_Statistics for Management] Page 1 Name: Shilpa.ARoll No.: 521037528Subject: MB0040 ± Statistics for ManagementBook ID: B1129Assignment: Set 2 1.QWhat do you mean by Statistical Survey? Differentiate between ³Questionnaire´and ³Schedule´.Answer:Statistical SurveyA Statistical survey is a scientific process of collection and analysis of numericaldata. Statistical surveys are used to collect numerical information about units in apopulation. Surveys involve asking questions to individuals. Surveys of humanpopulations are common in government, health, social science and marketing sectors.Stages of Statistical SurveyStatistical surveys are categorized into two stages ± planning and execution. Thefigure shows the two broad stages of Statistical survey. Information is collected through mailed questionnaires Statistical SurveyPlanningExecution

[MB0040_Statistics for Management] Page 2 Often, information is collected through questionnaires. The questionnaires are filledwith questions pertaining to the investigation. They are sent to the respondents with acovering letter soliciting cooperation from the respondents (respondents are thepeople who respond to questions in the questionnaire). The respondents are asked togive correct information and to mail the questionnaire back. The objectives of investigation are explained in the covering letter together with assurance for keepinginformation provided by the respondents as confidential.Good questionnaire construction is an important contributing factor to the success of a survey. When questionnaires are properly framed and constructed, they becomeimportant tools by which statements can be made about specific people or entirepopulations.This method is generally adopted by research workers and other official and non-official agencies. This method is used to cover large areas of investigation. It is moreeconomical and free from investigator¶s bias. However, it results in many ³non-response´ situations. The respondent may be illiterate. The respondent may alsoprovide wrong information due to wrong interpretation of questions.If the questionnaire consists of invalid questions, or questions in incorrect order, or questions in inappropriate format, or questions that are biased, then the survey wouldbe useless. An important method for checking and making sure whether aquestionnaire is accurately capturing the intended information is to pre-test among asmaller subset of target respondents.Success of questionnaire method of collection of data depends mainly on proper drafting of the questionnaire. You have to keep the following points in mind whilepreparing a questionnaire:1. The respondent should not take much time in completing the questionnaire. Itshould be small and not lengthy.2. The questions asked should be well structured and unambiguous.3. The questions asked should be in proper logical sequence.4. Questions should be unbiased. The questions in the questionnaire should notdisturb the privacy of the respondents. [MB0040_Statistics for Management] Page 3 5. The task of completion of questionnaire should not have much writing work.6. Necessary instructions and glossary...
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