Sms Notification System

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Visual Basic, Programming language Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Title: SMS Notification System

Area of Investigation & Programming Language To Be Used
The research project is about the SMS Notification System, it means the alternate way of notifying students compared to the previous way. Before the members can receive SMS that is sent from the system, users need to register their details to the system. The registration process is very simple, it is similar like register details for new email account but it added a space to enter the member mobile phone number for sending SMS notification purposes. The functionality of SMS Notification System is hoped give efficient to the members of receiving notification via SMS directly to their mobile phone. The SMS notification content is just a brief explanation about the event that is going to be held, more details about it can refer to the web based system. For this project our group will use the programming language.
Background Of The Study
This project proposal is created to propose an IT solution to the student of AMA University. An example, inefficiencies that occur in posting the announcement that is post on the website or in the notice board, it is hard to inform to the student and also the staff may also forget to post the announcement that will inconvenient for the student itself..

Reason For Choice Of Project
To become the most useful media for announcement notification.

Target Beneficiaries
Our target beneficiary is a school

Software Description
Visual Basic 2010 (VB 10.0) is a high level programming language which evolved from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. BASIC means Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. There are many versions of VB exist in the market, the most popular one and still widely used by many VB programmers is none other than Visual Basic 6. We also have, VB2005, VB2008 and the latest VB2010. Both Vb2008 and VB2010 are fully object oriented programming (OOP) language....
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