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Topics: Marketing, Text messaging, Mobile phone Pages: 40 (10357 words) Published: May 9, 2013
A Study on
SMS as a Marketing Communication Tool –
Problems and Opportunities from the Marketer’s Perspective


Research conducted by:
Kv Saurabh Kamalakaran
Roll No: 107
Third Year BBA (Marketing Management Specialisation)
Project Guide- Mrs. Neha Tiwari
Submitted to- The BBA Programme, Faculty of Commerce,
Maharaja Sayajirao University,


This is to certify that Kv Saurabh Kamalakaran, a student of the BBA Programme, Maharaja Sayajirao University (Faculty of Commerce) has undertaken a research project for the partial fulfillment of his Third Year BBA in Marketing Management. I certify that he has undertaken Research Project on “SMS as a Marketing Communication Tool – Problems and Opportunities from the Marketer’s Perspective” I have found him to be dedicated towards the research and has prepared an informative and knowledgeable study paper under my supervision. I wish him a bright and prosperous future ahead.


(Mrs. Neha Tiwari)
Faculty of Commerce
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda


I hereby declare that the work presented in the project entitled ““SMS as a Marketing Communication Tool – Problems and Opportunities from the Marketer’s Perspective” submitted towards the completion of the Sixth (6th) Semester, (Marketing Specialisation) of Third Year, Bachelor of Business Administration, M.S University of Baroda, is an authentic record of my original work carried out under the guidance of Mrs. Neha Tiwari.

(Saurabh Kv)
2nd May 2011


Since the commencement of my project research, I have encountered many people who have helped and guided me all the way. These people deserve a special mention and my project report will be incomplete without acknowledging them. Mrs. Neha Tiwari was the key source of guidance without which I would not have been able to relate my learnings to what I have studied theoretically in BBA. She has helped me in every possible way to prepare this research project and was a constant supply of motivation and knowledge with regards to the subject matter. It would be dereliction of duty if I do not extend my sincerest thanks to my colleagues and the people who have responded to my questionnaires with an infinite amount of patience. Their Constant presence kept me all the more motivated and eager to learn more and absorb the experience in order to make myself a better individual. I express my gratitude to the Associate Programme Director, Mr. Kalpesh Shah, for extending his support by conducting orientation for the project, which helped in a better understanding and proper preparation of the project. Finally, I would like to thank MSU BBA for giving me an opportunity to work in this direction. Preface

Majority of the population has a Mobile. Each and every Mobile user (mostly) reads the SMSes he/she receives and that too instantly (on most occasions). Thus, it is of no surprise that SMS is used as a Marketing Communication tool and the number of Marketers who will use it for Marketing Purposes is only going to increase.

SMS Marketing campaigns have exhibited a high rate of success, with an astounding 94% of messages read. This incredible success rate and return on investment for bulk SMS marketing campaigns has made text message campaigns desirable for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

There are plenty of opportunities but along with it there are various problems for the Marketer who uses SMS as a Marketing Communication tool. Thus, here is a study which focuses on “SMS as a Marketing Communication Tool – Problems and Opportunities from the Marketer’s Perspective”.

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