Sms Corrupting Language

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Short Message Service (SMS) Is Corrupting Our Language

Name : IRIS ML


This study was conducted to survey agree or disagree on the issue ‘short message service (SMS) is corrupting our language’. This conduct will compound all information from few of the Malaysians who own the mobile phone and use the SMS to communicate. From my surveys, I found that most respondents agree that SMS is corrupting our language either in national language or other mother tongue languages.

Table of Contents3
1.1History of SMS language4
1.2 Useful of SMS language4 – 5
1.3Statement problem on SMS5 – 6

2.1 Research Objective7 - 8
2.2 Articles review8 - 9
2.3Statistic findings9 - 11

1. Discussion12
2. Suggestions12 - 13
3.3 Summary13


1.1History of Short Message Service (SMS) language
SMS stands for Short Message Services. It is a technology that enables the sending and receiving of messages between mobile phones. SMS first appeared in Europe in 1992. SMS is a mobile data service that allows alphanumeric messaging between mobile phones and other equipment such as voice mail systems and email. Messages are sent to a short messages service center (SMSC) from various devices such as another mobile phone or email. The SMSC interacts with the mobile network to determine the availability of a user and the user’s location to receive a short message. With the helping from SMSC, the user can receive a SMS either on call or the phone turned on otherwise we cannot receive the SMS if our mobile phone swift off. (Refer to Appendix C: Picture number 1) 1.2Useful of SMS Language

Benefit of SMS is increases the amount of voice calling by providing a mechanism for voice mail notification to the handset. Beside this, SMS provides a convenient, low-cost mechanism for non-voice communication and a mechanism for enabling various other applications such as prepaid. With the advance of technology, SMS text messaging supports by multi languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English and Korea. SMS messages can also carry binary data such as send or downloading ringtones, pictures, operator logos, wallpapers, animations, business cards and internet configurations to a mobile phone with SMS messages. As at today, SMS has become a key service for mobile operators, generating tremendous usage, particularly among the youth market segment. According to Berit Skog (2000) reported show how important of SMS for both gender and other factors. The results show that the SMS is very important among both gender (male and female) at least 69 percent because creative potential of the mobile phone message, allowing text to be combined with graphics and easy to use. Below extract a research bar chart done by Berit Skog on year 2000 (under page 272):- [pic]Summaries Girls’ and Boys’ evaluation of function considered important for their use of mobile phones Nowadays, SMS is a success all over the world. The number of SMS messages exchanged every day is enormous. SMS messaging is now one of the most important revenue sources of wireless carriers. According to Patrick Philippe Meier (April 3, 2008) under articles that : “Analysts predicted SMS revenues of up to $80 billion worldwide in 2007, with the number of text messages expected to reach a whopping 1.8 trillion by 2010.” Result show that SMS service and users are increasing every year. (Refer to Appendix C: Articles and chart number 2) 3. Statement Problems on SMS

As suggested by the name “Short Message Service”, the data that can be held by a SMS message is very limited. One SMS message...
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