Sms Based Control System

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SMS based Remote Control System

A modern world contains varieties of electronic equipment and systems like: TV, security system, Hi-fi equipment, central
heating systems, fire alarm systems, security alarm systems, lighting systems, SET Top Box, AC (Air Conditioner) etc., we need to handle, ON/OFF or monitor these electrical devices
remotely or to communicate with these but, if you are not at the home or that place and you want to communicate with these
device. So the new technology for handled these devices
remotely and for communication to required the GSM, mobile
technology, SMS (short message service) and some hardware
resources. SMS based remote control for home appliances is
beneficial for the human generation, because mobile is most
recently used technology nowadays.
Keyword: Mobile Phone, Micro-Controller, Short Message
Service (SMS), Global System for Mobile Communication
I. Introduction
The new research areas for the need of the man that
controlled the electrical devices remotely, anything from
the home such as an air conditioner, security system, set
top box, light, and so on. The case of remote control
capability and the possibility of achieving it at a
reasonably low cost have motivated the need to research
into it not only for industrial application but also for
domestic use or home use. Home wireless security systems
are becoming increasingly popular and it is being a
necessary nowadays. There are many benefits to using
these compared to conventional systems. There are many
products of Wireless Home Security Systems in the
market. The price depends on how advance the system is.
Normally today home security system is in wireless form
rather than wired form. The reasons are wireless can saves
cost of wiring, easy to install, occupy lesser space, easy for maintenance and more reliable. Besides that, the wireless
also capability become as an appliances control in the
home. The capability of controlling home appliances in a
wireless and remote fashion has provided a great
convenience to many people in life. Through a wireless
remote controller, people can do remote operation without
directly accessing the host of a home appliance. The home
appliances like fan, lamp, television, washing machines
and others. The introduction of the Global System for
Mobile Communication (GSM) and particularly the use of
hand-held mobile phones brought the innovation of
distance communication at remote location. Based on this,
research utilizes this facility for remote control of systems and appliances; take for instance, a man on a journey
inside his car suddenly remembers that he left the Air
Conditioner (AC), ON when it was supposed to be OFF.
The normal condition is to drive back and switch OFF or
for the home security we also monitor the home through
the system but we are not include the option of the monitor
in the system; in the system we consider only ON and OFF
operation in (fig3.) . But with the GSM mobile phone in
the hand, one looks on how the same could be used to
effect control at any point and time.
Therefore in this project the GSM is the type of wireless
that chooses. It is because it's the GSM is better than
others wireless. It is suitable to install the systems that
need a wide range. It also can monitor the signal strength
and more adaptable. So it is suitable to become a
controller for home appliances and for security system.
Nowadays, most couples leave for work early in the
morning and get back only in the evening. Most people
also have to travel to other cities for their work. When they are away, their house is empty and unguarded. Therefore
case like theft and robbery is easy to occur because the
home owners are not in the house. The Multidimensional
crisis like theft and robbery is one of the most serious
problems that happen in this country. The based solution is
to develop home security system using a wireless to keeps

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