Topics: Mass Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit, SBS Transit Pages: 6 (1610 words) Published: September 7, 2011
Table of Contents

1. Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach

2.1. Reasons for choosing Project Topic Area and Organisation 2.2. Organisation’s Profile
2.3. Project Objectives
2.4. Research Approach

2. Information Gathering, Accounting and Business Techniques

3.5.1. Sources of Information
3.5.2. Methods of Collection
3.5.3. Limitations of Information collected
3.5.4. Ethical Issues

3.6.5. Accounting Ratios
3.6.6. Limitations of Ratio Analysis
3.6.7. Business Models
3.6.8. Limitations of Business Models

3. Results and Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1. Porter’s 5 Forces
3.1.1. Threat of New Entrants
3.1.2. Threat of Substitutes
3.1.3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
3.1.4. Bargaining Power of Customers
3.1.5. Competitive Rivalry amongst current Competitors

Reference List
Extracts from Organisation’s Financial Statements
Appendix 1: Calculation of Key Ratios
Appendix 2: Spreadsheet Formulas
Appendix 3: Abbreviation List

1. Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach

2.1. Reasons for choosing Project Topic Area and Organisation The reason why I have decided on this Project Topic 8 about the business and financial analysis of organisation is because it is regarded as a popular agenda topic in many different investment forums, meetings and even verbal conversations. Such area of knowledge on “Analysing the business and financial health of organisation” is deemed important as it is evidently seen widely incorporated into many teaching syllabus and conventional business finance textbooks. For myself whose ambition is to become an audit partner of an accounting firm, such topic area will be extremely common in my field, and grasping such expertise is definitely a must given that becoming a master of it makes me competitive advantageous over others. Then again, I am especially fascinated concerning the success of Singapore’s duopoly public transportation system which is perceived as one of the key sector in the success of Singapore’s infrastructure. This duopoly transportation system is dominated by 2 major players, one of which is my choice of organisation, Singapore Mass Rapid Transport Corporation Limited. (Also known as SMRT Corporation Ltd). In fact, total number of passengers utilising public transport has been growing constantly since Year 2000. For the year ended 31 December 2010, a highest record of 726,034,000 passengers was achieved (Yearbook of Statistics Singapore, 2011). And contributing to this significant figure is I myself, as a daily commuter, utilising SMRT trains and buses daily to travel to and fro school and workplace. Despite such high volume of riders and revenues, SMRT Corporation applied to government for increasing fares, discontentment arises among commuters and painted a negative image on the company. I felt spellbound to analyse this issue objectively and independently and to distinguish if any underlying relationship exists between these elements. Investment in SMRT Corporation has always been a hot agenda topic in local investment forums and newspaper columns, shares of SMRT Corporation have always been on the Top Counters list on Singapore Exchange. As a potential investor, these repetitively attracted me to select SMRT as my choice of organisation so that I can scrutinise the worth of this company meticulously and make sensible investment decisions afterwards. The other major competitor is SBS Transit Ltd. Likewise, this project will look forward to compare and identify key differences in these duo organisations which have been well-perceived as “alliance” instead of competitors in many Singaporean’s mind. 2.2. Organisation’s Profile

SMRT Corporation was established in 1987 and has been...
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