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Smoking Should Be Inhibit in Public Area

By chrischong1992 May 06, 2013 709 Words
Many of us know that smoking is the bad habit. It can affect the smoker’s health and also those around them. Although most of the us know about the negative effect of smoking, the number smoker keep on increasing every year. The authority has taken a lot of effort in order to reduce the number of smoker such as holding talk ,poster , and prohibit smoking in certain public place ,but the effort seem like wasted. In my opinion, I agree with the statement that smoking should be prohibited in public area. There are several reason to support my point of view. The smoker have their right to smoke. Unfortunately, they always like to smoke at the wrong places. They have their cigarette without caring about the others. Some of them even smoke in front of pregnant mother ,kid and old people. This will cause the non-smokers suffer from the second-hand smoke which contain 400 different type of chemical substance and 50 of them are cancer causing substance. .Besides that ,the smoke are very annoying because the smoke are smelly. The selfishness of the smoker should be reduced .So, the authority must take action to those smoker and suitable punishment should be given to those smoker who smoke at the public place. So that the smoke wouldn’t affect the public. Moreover, smoking will pollute the air in the public area . This is very dangerous because public area are crowned with people. The risk of facing the health problem for those who stay those area for a long time may be high than the others. As mentioned before, there are a lot of harmful chemical in the cigarette and are the disease causing such as bronchitis , emphysema , lung cancer and heart attact.Many gaseous releasing make the air pollution become even worse. For example carbon dioxide can cause room temperature increase and carcinogen cause lung cancer . In addition, smoking will affect our health. So, we have been taught to keep this smoking habit away start from small. However, many teenager nowadays become smoker s smller as the age of 15 .We feel worried if the number of the smoker keep on rising .So, some effort should be taken in order the number of smoker can be reduced. One of the effective way is prohibiting smoking at the public area. By using this way, the teenager will not be influenced and follow smoker to have such unhealthy habit in future. In contrast, if a person is raised by the family which all the family member are smoker. The possibility of him or her will become smoker one day will be high because of the family influence. Smoking is not good for our health. Many people are alert to their health. Hence ,smoker are not welcomed in certain palcec. For example ,when we visit certain country, we see a lot smoker there .Automatically , we will think of negative side toward this country nd stop visit the country for the next holiday plan.This is because they may get first impression of this country is unhealthy and polluted .So, to avoid this happen in our country , we should prohibit smoking at local area . This is included the tourism area because there are a lot of foreigners and visitors .If we allow them to smoke at this area may affect the tourism industries of the country. People do not want to visit Malaysia anymore .So we are emphasized that smoking should be prohibited t such area. Last, the other reason of prohibit smoking at public area is to reduce the amount of smoker. This is correct because when we increase the area which smoking is not allow, The smoker get a lot of trouble when smoke. They need to find another place to smoke aybe 5 to 6 km fom this area.They also will understand that smoker is not liked by people.Such circumstance make the smoker feel stress .Some of them may quict to become smoker finally . In conclusion ,smoking should be prohibited in the public area.I think this is the time for them to quit smoking. Banning smoking is not for us, but for this world and for everyone who has to live in this world after us.

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