Smoking in Public Places

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Smoking ban Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: August 30, 2011
Jessica Zender
American Government
Smoking in Public Places
Smoking has been around in our history for longer than we can imagine. It used to be a status symbol and a power stick. A cigarette in ones hand was a gesture of intimidation to others. Movies have always shown the protagonist smoking away while they deal with something important. Even in real life, ask a smoker, they would say that smoking helps them clear the clutter in their mind and calms them down. However, a non-smoker would easily brush it off their shoulder by saying "It's all in the head". Well, which side is right, and which side is wrong? The ones who reckon smoking as a social evil will embrace the smoking ban with all they have, to save the big picture of the earth being healthy. However, smokers, will simply put it off, and find another way to smoke. They know the health hazards it causes, as they still choose to smoke, and so do you think a ban will stop them? A smoking ban is a controversial subject. Those who do not smoke, and have never smoked, often feel like there is no reason not to have a public smoking ban. Smokers, however, feel like it is a personal right to be able to smoke in public, and the smoking ban issue is important and personal for them. While this might seem like a new issue, this disagreement surrounding an action to ban smoking in public places has been around for a while. The first known smoking ban occurred in 1590 and was given by Pope Urban VII during his short reign as pope.

Anyone who was caught smoking or chewing tobacco near a church was excommunicated. It was not until the twentieth century that the health problems associated with tobacco use came into the public eye. This is the time when businesses provided smokers with their own separate locations, so they could smoke without exposing the rest of the customers to the dangers and irritation of smoke. In the 1990s, California became the first state to issue a smoking ban, and this was in restaurants....

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