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|[Introduction engages reader] | Landu Kalemba is a student at the University of Wyoming | | |(UW), and he, like many other students, smokes. Since he has live in the dorms, he has had to find a | | |place where he can smoke. He is just one of the many students gathered outside any of the residence | | |halls smoking together. The university provides students with a room, a bed, and a meal plan, but many | | |students also need a place to smoke where they can avoid the harsh weather conditions. Although smoking | | |is legal for people over 18 years of age, student smokers who live in the dorms are as surprised as I was| | |to discover that smokers tend to have fewer rights that other citizens. The university has a | | |responsibility to offer students who smoke a safe, convenient place to smoke | |[Thesis statement] |"Nowadays, smoking- is something- that may not be completely accepted in our society, and against it, a | | |culture and atmosphere in which smoking is widely seen as a socially unacceptable and unhealthy habit, | | |have been created" (National Center on Addiction, 1996). However, according to the results of the survey | | |I conducted, 8% of students at UW smoke. At UW, and at many other schools in the U.S., there are strict | |[Background] |smoking limitations (American Lung Association, 1997; Kansas State University, 1994). A smoking ban in | | |the UW dormitories was supported by an...
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