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Now a day deployed in the world dangerous phenomenon it is smoking so smoking have many reasons and damage effect and also it have many way to stop it.

Smoking was pervasive in our society it is not limited to one age but more smokers are from teenagers and young people.

Cigarettes are the means used to smoke which contain many harmful chemicals such as nicotine, Ammonia, Methane, Methanol, Rrnej, Almethylamin and many other chemical substances. Cigarette manufacturing from tobacco that is not have any definition in Arabic dictionaries because it fond in first time in America. This kind of plant can kill young man who has full health.

There are three kind of smoking:

First, Cigarette smoking
It is the most in the abuse of tobacco, especially among young people. Where most young man is try to experiment it. Second, smoking cigars and pipe
This scourge is also not less dangerous or harmful to the health of users, and it widespread, particularly among old and rich people Lastly Hubble-bubble and narghiles
May be it is popular among the people that habble smoking or narghiles are less dangerous or harmful, compared with cigarette smoking, but the fact is that fixed one-bubble is almost 50 to 60 cigarettes. Or smoking to two or three hours is equivalent to smoking 25 cigarettes ago.

There are several factors that are lead to smoke:

First parents
When the child sees his father is smoking so he believed that his father is true and cigarettes do not cause any danger. Or poor family control because their parents are preoccupation with matters of life also they are dependence on servers to upbringing for her children. In addition, teenagers are likes to learn new things and they try everything. As a result, it is enough for teenagers to try a cigarette for the first time to fall in the trap, so it will be easy for him to do it second time, and so on. Moreover, the impact of friends

Also they can find cigarette everywhere and in a low...
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