Smokers Should Pay Additional Fees To H

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I believe that smokers should pay additional fees to health care Firstly, there are less chances for people to smoke if they are asked to pay additional fees to the health care. In Sweden, there are less rates of smoking in comparison to other countries. According to Bolin and Lindgren (2007), “Certainly, smoking behaviour among the Swedish population has changed. In 1980, 36% of the men and 33% of the women were daily smokers; the corresponding figures 20 years later were 17% for men and 19% for women. These changes alone, naturally, decreased the cost of smoking per inhabit-ant”. Smoking is expensive and the total amount of money is spent by smoker on smoking may shock people. If a person multiply how much money he or she spend on tobacco everyday by 365, multiply the result by the number of year a person have been using tobacco and also multiply the cost per year by 10 for the upcoming 10 years; the results will be surprising (Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, 2013). If a person smoke a whole pack of cigarettes, that person will probably save over $15,000! (Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, 2013).Moreover, there are other financial benefits too. A person will be able to pay less for health and life insurance and experience less costs due to tobacco-related problems and medical bills (Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, 2013). Therefore, if smoker pay additional fees to health care, there are less chances of them smoking due to the expenses. Secondly, smokers should pay additional fees to the health care because individuals who smoke in public are affecting their health as well as non-smokers health. Smoking is injurious to health and can cause many respiratory diseases and infections. Smoking harms human beings health and increases possibility of disease (Bolin and Lindgren, 2007). Smoking during pregnancy can cause abortion, stillbirth, low birthweight, and sudden infant death syndrome (Bolin and Lindgren, 2007). It may also have adverse effects...

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