Smoke Signals

Topics: Indian reservation, Family, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: August 4, 2006
"Smoke Signals"
This story began at the Coeur d'Alene reservation in Idaho
Victor had a troubled childhood marked by all things that plague Native Americans in 20th Century United States. Many years earlier Victor had watched his drunken father argue with his mother and drive off in his pickup, leaving the reservation and his family forever. Until now Victor had tried to forget that day. This was a day in his life that Victor wanted to erase form his memory. Victor was about to embark on a reluctant journey to bring his father's remains back home bring these two men together and ever closer. Victor had shown no signs of grief but he also knew that it was his duty to bring his father back home. Without knowing it he had been very lucky to have a friendship like the one between himself and Thomas. Maybe it was because Thomas was saved from a burning house, as an infant by Victor's father. Thomas may have thought that this was a way to pay him back for saving his life. These mismatched young men living on the Indian reservation and growing up with the added burden of a social structure that seems for ever in conflict. Native Americans are people, who in many ways deal with the same issues you and I do, but live with the never ending social and economic problems that living on the reservation brings. I think that a lot of stereotypes about Native Americans and other persuasions still prevail in today's society. Unless you are from a race that is from the minority you will never experience the out right bluntness and rudeness of racism. This movie very well depicts some of issues that I and many others have to face everyday. We have to face it without lowering ourselves to their level. I can relate to Victor in many ways for I too was raised in a home where alcohol was priority in the household. Coming from a family of little means I found a way out of a very turbulent situation. At a very early age I found the security the safety of the military. My father was also...
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