Smoke Signals

Topics: Forgiveness, Positive psychology, Core issues in ethics Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: August 11, 2011
English 100
Yako Sebastian

Have you ever felt angry because you have never forgiven someone? Imagine you are Victor the man character of “Smoke Signals” and you can forget your father. What will you do? What's going to be the consequences of your actions? What will you do to find happiness? Not being able to forgive someone may lead to many different outcomes. Throughout the film there is flashback to the past, where Arnold was a drunken father but at the same time a loving father although he didn´t know how to express it very good. In this movie especially we can see details of a desperately missed past where Victor had a father. This comes when a fire killed Thomas´s family. The good moments comes when they arrive to Arizona to meet Irene who tells to Victor all the good memories that he had with his father and also stories about a great father to wanted to make up for his failings as a father but didn´t know how and died before he could try. Through the movie we can see that Victor head a lot of anger built up and didn´t realize everything at first. He cut his hair because he was astoned of himself after he forgives his father. He was missing his father a lot and alcohol became a bigger issue because he let himself think about it to much. His friend Thomas was always telling him good stories about his life and why his father was such a good person. One day Victor took his father truck because he was feeling weak with himself, he was trying to keep part of his father. Victor was emotionally drained for keeping his feeling inside and you can´t let go of the past, it will always hunt you. In short, we can´t forgive someone that have same blood than you and specially if is your father. In this story we can see a final act of forgiveness where Victor becomes funnier and more confident with his friendship. Don´t make the same mistake than Victor because suffering affects everyone around the sufferer and keep your feeling inside because regrets come when...
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