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Smog Can Make People Sick, Even Indoors
By: David Biello
Air pollution an incredibly important topic, however, it is often ignored. Air is vital to human survival; when it is affected by different pollutants, it can be harmful to humans and cause numerous ailments. This topic is rarely given the attention that it deserves. One component of air pollution that is largely unaddressed is smog. Many people do not realize that smog has detrimental side effects

In the article Smog can Make People Sick, Even Indoors, David Biello points out that air pollution is not just a problem outdoors but is now making the transition indoors. Studies showed how air pollution is affecting the workplace. Many workers suffered from numerous ailments such as headaches or fatigue. The studies also showed that this resulted in a domino effect: when an employee experienced a headache or felt fatigue, his performance would suffer. In turn, loss of productivity would cost the company money. Biello mentioned some alternatives that could help the worker while still being cost effective for the company. For example, something as simple as changing a filter can help reduce and improve the ventilation.

Clearly, air pollution and smog are very detrimental to our health. Not enough attention is given to how deadly they can be. Smog used to only have an effect on us outdoors, but it has now made its way indoors. Simple changes could improve and promote a healthy work environment. It is important to make these changes not only to help workers with their job performance but to ensure the health and safety of employees in general. Article:
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