Smithville Instructions

Topics: General ledger, General journal, Accounts receivable Pages: 53 (14169 words) Published: August 19, 2013

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introducing City of Smithville

Welcome………………………………………………………. 4

System Requirements4


Running or Removing City of Smithville

Running the City of Smithville5

Removing the City of Smithville5

General Operating Instructions
Opening the City of Smithville5
Creating a new project6

Opening an existing project6

Saving the current project6

City of Smithville Main Window
Adding and posting journal entries8
Editing/deleting/unposting journal entries8
Working with the ledgers screen9
Working with the detail journal screen11

Printing Reports12

Exporting Trial Balances12

Completing Chapters 2 through 10 and Chapter 12
of the City of Smithville Cumulative Problem 13

Chapter 2 Opening the Books14

Chapter 3 Recording the Annual Budget18

Chapter 4 Recording Operating Transactions Affecting
the General Fund and Governmental Activities at the
Government-wide Level20

Chapter 5 Recording Capital Asset Transactions27

Chapter 6 Transactions Affecting General Long-term
Liabilities and Debt Service32

Chapter 7 Recording Transactions Affecting the
Enterprise Fund and Business-type Activities37

Chapter 8 Recording Transactions Affecting a
Fiduciary Fund—An Investment Trust Fund40

Chapter 9 Adjusting and Closing Entries for
Governmental Activities, Government-wide Level;
Preparation of Government-wide and Major Fund
Financial Statements43

Chapter 10 Analysis of Financial Condition45

Chapter 12 Preparation of Audit Report45

Appendix A46



Thank you for purchasing the City of Smithville Government Accounting Software. This software is designed to be used with the McGraw-Hill/Irwin textbook Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities, 15th edition, ISBN 0073100951.

System Requirements

To use the City of Smithville accounting software application, you must have the following:

• Operating System:
• Microsoft® Windows 2000 or later
• Mac OS X v10.4 or 10.5
• Linux Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5
• Hardware:
• Windows ®: Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) • Macintosh: PowerPC® G3 500MHz or faster processor; Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor • Recommended screen resolution of 1024 x 768 minimum • 128MB of RAM minimum

• Spreadsheet program (in order to easily view the exported CSV files) • Excel 2003 or later (in order to view the exported Excel files) • Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.x or later, Safari 3.x or later • Adobe Flash Player version 10 or above


This manual was written for use with the City of Smithville software, Version 4.1. The manual and the software described in it are copyrighted, with all rights reserved. This manual and the City of Smithville software may not be copied, except as otherwise provided in your software license or as expressly permitted in writing by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Inc.

Use of the City of Smithville governmental accounting software (the “Software”) and its documentation are governed by the terms set forth in your license. Such use is at your sole risk. The software and its documentation (including this manual) are provided “AS-IS” and without warranty of any kind.


Running the City of Smithville

The City of Smithville can be run directly from a URL or by clicking on the Smithville_Bingham folder as indicated in the “Opening the City of Smithville” instructions below. As the City of Smithville is a web-based application, it need not be installed onto your local computer. However, the web-based software is...
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