Smith Systems Consulting Project Plan

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Smith Systems Consulting Project Plan

Smith Systems Consulting
Smith Systems Consulting has been at the forefront of the Information Technology Services and Consulting industry since it was founded in 1984. Their driving vision has been to provide the absolute best to their customers in all aspects of services and prices at rates that are affordable. They believe they can do this because they employ the best in the industry. Their simple approach to customer service has been that if they take care of their customers and employees, then everything else will take care of itself. This straight forward approach, while packed full of energy and meaning, has proven to not be sufficient in delivering the absolute best to every customer absolutely. Smith Systems Consulting engagement approach has been to actively survey the customer, assessing his or needs through an informal interview process, which helps them arrive at the expectations of the customer. This question and answer session also helps to determine the scope of the project. Once the scope has been established, an appropriately sized team can be assembled to deal with the problem head on. Smith Systems Consulting has always been an innovator in the industry, willing to employ cutting edge technology and techniques to solve problems. To help Smith Systems Consulting to deliver where it really counts, we will have to develop an approach that addresses issues as they pertain to the software development and quality assurance processes and procedures. To do this we will have to focus on their strengths which are: * Providing development solutions to business information processes. * Integrating business process technology services and support. * Strengthening existing business processes by the practical application of new technologies. * Providing business relevant analysis, design, development, and implementation services in information technology areas of: networks & communication; database; and application programming. In addition, they need to examine some of the areas that need further development, specifically the negative feedback that has been received concerning a lack of documentation. This lack of professional documentation has been responsible for the loss of several contracts for Smith Systems Consulting. To better understand what is necessary to provide the type of feedback that will yield qualitative and positive results for Smith Systems Consulting it is probably best to understand what quality assurance processes and procedures are and how they apply to software development. Quality assurance process and procedures are methods or practices that are implemented to deliver the best possible results in the manufacture of an item or the formation of an intellectual property. There are multiple approaches to solving the problem; one method is to implement what is known as the Shewhart Cycle. The Shewhart Cycle uses a four step approach; Plan, Do, Check, and Act. This means that you first plan your activities and approach to the solution, you implement your plan, assess your results, and finally act upon correcting any issues that arise. What are the practical applications of this approach? It is a very simple way to break a complex issue into smaller and simpler parts. For our model, Smith Systems Consulting needs to gather and react to the feedback that has been provided by existing and prior customers to insure they become repeat customers. For a customer to feel that you value his or her business you have to listen to and show a proactive response to any questions or issues with solutions to his or her problem. Failure to acknowledge their input will result in a loss of future business. The final step of the Shewhart Cycle, the ‘act’ portion, is where Smith Systems Consulting has been missing the mark. They have been doing a fantastic job of developing software and networking solutions for their clients for many years now....

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