Smith Systems Consulting Business Systems Analysis

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Smith Systems Consulting Business Systems Analysis
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April 23rd, 2010

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Information about Smith Systems3
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Information about Smith Systems
Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) is a website that promotes software applications and other tools to design and build websites. SSC also provides database solutions and network applications. SSC uses various applications to help design and implement a network or website or custom programming projects. They also provide the latest server technology to provide safe and secure web site hosting. SSC’s employees design and develop database systems to assist customers website needs. The analysis includes a look at the website and servers, which are two information systems critical to business processes of Smith Systems, and some information system controls, risks, concerns, and solutions. Also, a look at the information system impacts on the business itself with an overview of interaction between customers, security, and an evaluation of the website presentation to include improvements and solutions. Analysis of Website

The website is a critical information system to the business processes of Smith Systems. The following is an evaluation of the Smith Systems Website. The website provides useful information, products, and services to support the client’s website. The website controls the user’s ability to view products, services, and important information on the company. These services, which are located on the home page, are what SSC has to offer: Design. The network design category describes what a network topology consists of. Smith Systems uses Windows 95/98, NT, Windows 2000 and/or Novell. Host. Smith systems offers hosting for websites. The server is located in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the Smith Systems website, hosting includes the following: • Low Cost Monthly Web Site Hosting Fee

• ASP, CGI, PHP, MYSQL, SSL, FrontPage ext. • 24/7 support, online manual
• Month to Month, no contracts
• Free Search Engine Submission
• Redundant T1 Backbone connection
Develop. The development section describes what kind of website development Smith Systems has to offer. They offer a wide range of applications for the designing of a website. The page includes the pricing, and a brief description of each.

Maintain. The Website Maintenance Section is breaks down what systems are implemented to maintain a website. Their categories include Content, Promotion, Technology, and Customer Service.
Database. The Database section describes what Smith System does to maintain the collection of data within the business. Powerful SQL servers and MS SQL servers are used. Database systems provided.

Support. The support section for customers. Customer support is an essential part of a business. Customer satisfaction assures that each person is satisfied with the products and services. Programming. Custom software is used by the customer to create the website. Identifying problems

Since Smith System does no provide a phone number on the website, if the website were to go down, customers would have no way of obtaining information on the business. Customers would also not be able to contact customer support. The services that SSC provides via the SQL servers would also not work. If the system were to crash, several of the customer’s websites would also go down. There is a lack of credibility and customer feedback. Smith Systems mentions that they have clients in Riordan Manufacturing, McBride Financial, Huffman Trucking, and Kudlet Fine Foods, but no supporting references are included nor are the clients mentioning Smith Systems Consulting...
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