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This report is a promotional plan for Smirnoff’s new ‘bottled premixed ‘Light’. The report provides guidelines for Light’s promotional strategy for a period of one year 2006/07.

The objectives of the promotional plan are to achieve growth for the Smirnoff brand by tapping into a new product and market, to increase market share and build awareness and preference for the Smirnoff brand in the affordable ready-to-drink (RTD) segment.

Light is a vodka-based pre-mixer, consisting of vodka, fresh juices and liqueur. Light will be positioned as an affordable, mass-marketed pre-mixer with a lower alcohol and sugar content to communicate the product as a diet alternative.

The target market is young-adults, aged 18-27, particularly females (the primary market) and males (the secondary market). Females form the primary target market as the traditional consumers of RTD beverages; but Light will be positioned for both sexes to create an edgier image. Light will be positioned as the diet drink for the price-conscious consumer, appealing to consumers seeking a healthy alternative. The main message of the advertisement will be: ‘Less sugar’, reflected in the slogan: ‘Lighten up with 25% less sugar.’

The campaign will use an integrated promotional approach, enlisting a range of media vehicles to support the campaigns central theme. Mass-media, as well as direct-marketing will be used for maximum exposure and penetration of the market. The campaign budget will be $3 million for the launch and maintenance of Light and the Smirnoff brand. The campaign will primarily involve: sales promotion, support media, print media and the Internet. To date, the RTD market is highly saturated with many competitors. In order to penetrate the market Light will need to successfully differentiate itself and build awareness of the product in the market.


Smirnoff is part of Diageo, one of the leading consumer goods companies’ (Diageo...
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