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Anil Kumar (9999927670) G. Rohit Kumar (9891391467)

Strategies for Smile Foundation to involve civil society in development process Development is a process that leads to a transformation from an undesirable state of affairs to a desirable state. NGO’s help to make this transformation. They supplement the efforts made by government and are independent from any government. Smile Foundation is one such organization and it has introduced a working model named Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP). We have tried to suggest strategies which can enable Smile Foundation to involve civil society in the development process.

Smile Foundation can segregate the civil society into two parts – NGOs and Citizens. They can use two different strategies for both these groups.

Strategy for involving the NGO’s in development process
In addition to their established roles at the various stages of the project cycle, the Smile Foundation can engage with NGOs to undertake research in a wide area of economic, social, and other sectoral studies and analysis such as: poverty assessments, beneficiary assessments, participatory rural appraisal methods, and social and environmental assessments. By collaborating with carefully selected NGOs, the Smile Foundation may learn how to work better together to clarify and factor-in the interests of stakeholders in both policy and project activities. We have suggested that the involvement of NGOs should be in a two-step process:

The first step is the selection of NGOs. NGOs should be selected based on the following criteria: * Institutional Purpose: participants should share the Smile Foundation’s overall objective of promoting sustainable economic and social development.

* Diversity: participants should fairly mirror the range of stakeholder interests.
* Representativeness: depth and legitimacy of ties to a community or community of interests; accountability to stakeholder/ beneficiary group; gender balance.

The following factors should be considered while selecting the NGOs -1) 3C Model * Competence - relevant, demonstrated skills and skill mix; proven track record of civil groups.

* Credibility - acceptability of the civil groups to relevant stakeholders.

* Capacity - for making judgments based on working with different types of CSOs, government branches or aid institutions and by knowledge of advantages/disadvantages of alternative approaches in local settings.

2) Local knowledge - including formal and informal structures, local values and networks.

3) Responsiveness - to local people, accountability to beneficiaries, gender sensitivity.

4) Internal governance - sound management, including accounting systems and transparency about them, a readiness to undergo audits, transparent leadership and decision-making processes.

Empowering the NGOs

Smile Foundation can speed up its role from being an initiator of change to that of complementing Civil Groups efforts in the following ways -

* Training in internal organizational systems such as financial or information management and reporting.

* Organizational development and sustainability advisory services and coaching.

* Managing and sharing knowledge with other NGOs, the public and private sectors.

* Networking and interchange among NGOs, the public and private sectors, for policy analysis, skill improvement and information sharing.

Strategy for involving citizens in development process
Well-designed development projects (such as those that have been financed through social funds) can be a catalyst for community development. Participation at the community level allows the project choice to reflect the needs and preferences within the community, and the project design to reflect the local information, ensuring that local...
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