Smartphones: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Smartphones are influencing the way we live our daily lives and interact with other human beings, even our friends and family. In a study Intersperience, the international consumer research specialist, has discovered the implausible amount to which the public are effectively saying: I AM MY SMARTPHONE, and the outcomes have extensive inferences for global brands and public rule makers. Some 90% of the population now have a mobile phone but almost half use a smartphone. Once almost exclusively the preserve of business users, these multi-functional mobile devices are now just as popular with teenagers and housewives thanks to the growth of the “app” download culture and the introduction of more aggressive pricing plans by phone companies.70% of people using smartphone say they would miss them if they could no longer use them where a only 20% say they are tired of being always existing for the reason that the better connectivity their handsets offer. As smartphone becomes global, the use of other electronic devices begins to disappear. Obviously, the use of landline phones has dropped. Other smartphone subscribers said they log on to their PC less also. Laptop usage is down but remains an important device. They are seen as the useful choice for online jobs, where smartphones are the emotional ones. The use of smartphones helps us to stay connected, keep in touch and get organised in business The benefits of having mobile access to the Internet can’t be over-emphasized. As well as keeping you connected to all social networks, a smartphone will allow you to use Internet search engine, shop online and let you know all the latest news and sports anywhere you are. With a smartphone you can receive and reply your emails. Whether you are in line at the bus station, at the airport, or at home, you will know you haven’t missed anything like email and news. Some smartphones allow you to view, edit and send attachments. Instant messaging is also available on many models, enabling you to chat in real time, and of course you can still make a call or send a text messages. In addition to all of its communication features, the smartphone is also a multi-purpose personal digital assistant. Smartphones come equipped with an address book, calendar, calculator, note pad, voice recorder, and many other features to keep your personal and professional life running smoothly. Most models also boast a camera, enabling you to capture and share photos and video, and some offer global positioning systems (GPS) with satellite navigation If you need to stay productive when out of the office, choose a smartphone that includes a range of basic business tools. Many come with simple word-processing capabilities, spread sheet and database programs, and even mobile presentation software. If these are not pre-installed on your smartphone, all of the main platforms, including Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Apple’s iOS, enable you to purchase and download such programs from third-party vendors. Our society tends to use devices that make our lives easier and more convenient. Taking this fact into account the mobile industry developed one device that made several others obsolete. Sales dropped for landline phones, desktop computers, digital cameras, mp3 players, gps devices etc. Not too long ago there was a time, when you needed to carry all those things with you. The desktop computer used to be the most irreplaceable tech piece in our lives, but during the last months the smartphone has taken its place. We still like to use desktop computers to handle practical tasks, while we prefer our smartphone to handle emotional ones. The way we consume information has changed from talking to each other to reading the newspaper to watching television, to gathering in fo on the web using a computer and now a smartphone. Today we can access any kind of information 24/7, wherever we are. That’s both, convenient and...

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