Smartphone Addiction

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Beginning in the late 2000s, Smartphones gained popularity all over the world. The number of users is rapidly increasing following the new versions of Smartphone and extension of various application software. Smartphone is a mobile device that enables internet access and communication. It allows us to do things that we never imagined before. We can access and get information on the web with the phone no matter where we are. In response, experts are coming up with new technology to broaden their market. According to the article Addictive Personality and Problematic Mobile Phone Use the main reason behind the cell phone addiction may be the smart marketing of cell phones as a status symbol. Having the phone has become a way to identify oneself. However, we always need to consider the pros and cons of the use of smartphones. And there are statistics and stories about the phone addiction and show how serious it is.

Psychologists argue that the dependence on smart phones is so robust that if the user by any chance becomes unable to continue in his accustomed lifestyle, he literally suffers from withdrawal symptoms the same as withdrawal symptoms occur in any substance abusers. They become restless and easily get irritated. They lack concentration on almost anything. It occurs because the mobile phone becomes a part of their daily lives and controls the whole life style either directly or indirectly. Hence, when the number of calls drops or if they lose their mobile phones, all the addiction-related symptoms become prevalent. According to Factors Associated with Cell Phone Use in Adolescents in the Community of Madrid[2] by Sanchez-Martinez, M ; Otero, at the usage they are more likely to dependent on smartphone and thus, contact people using the social networking with the phone, which is a more passive way and less demanding than direct personal relation. Most symptoms of smartphone addiction can be only experienced with the people with the addiction. The person...
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