Smartone Swot

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5.1Internal strengths
Strong Customer Base (S1) - SmarTone has a strong customer base which provides sound financials to the company. According to Morgan Stanley statistic, there are 1.3 million of subscribers ranking the 4rd in the market and it earned the highest revenue per subscribers . Due to increase in data services usage by the strong customer base, there will be growth in the revenue streams.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio (S2) - SmarTone leverages its comprehensive portfolio of solutions related to communications services for its revenue growth. The company products include voice, multimedia and broadband services for mobile and fixed markets. It also offers various services such as different call services management and mobile broadband. The comprehensive portfolio of solutions enables the company to become single point of contact for communication requirements.

Good infrastructure (S3) - Smartone has the widest 3G spectrum among all the competitors. Its good network coverage and quality of network service has delivered a competitive edge on Smartone over its competitors. Also, the available of spare spectrum implies they can offer more data and cellular services.

Strong fund raising ability (S4) - Being a listed company with healthy reputation, SmarTone give confidence to the investors such as bankers. It is easy to raising funds for the future development from capital market. Furthermore, SmarTone has strong financial support from the parent holding company, Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited . Strong management team (S5) – SmarTone is led by their CEO, Mr. Douglas Li, who has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. The company has a stable and experienced management team, most of whom have wide experience in management and in the telecoms industry.

Good brand name (S6) – SmarTone gains well received reputation through best quality in terms of customer services and connectivity.

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