Smart Textiles

Topics: Innovation, Textile, Clothing Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Smart Textiles is building an internationally acknowledged centre for innovation, development, design and production of the next generation's textiles. In our region - with Borås as a centre - a nationally known cluster of textile and confection companies are working to link all these companies together through Smart Textiles.

The goal is to operate a dynamic innovation system, Smart Textiles, to promote growth, strengthen the international position and create new job opportunities in the region.

The business and development opportunities are not finite to the textile industry, but can be found within any industry. Textile is the joint idea.

Smart Textiles business idea is to stimulate and support need motivated research and to create conditions for collaborations between end-user, researchers and the industry, so that new products and services within future textiles reach the market.

A successful method is the concrete interdisciplinary R&D projects that are carried out and where companies and research work to commercialize ideas and help companies grow. We also work to spread knowledge about development within textile material and textile processes.

Textile is a material close to the human being and to which almost everyone has a relationship. Textile is a natural carrier of technology and electronics and with this base, there is a huge need to continue developing the textiles. There are a lot of innovations and ideas about integrating technology in textiles and further find sustainable solutions to integrate this with the surroundings. We work to create conditions to put these innovations into effect by, for example, produce material, fiber and processes to meet the need of new solutions.

Examples of smart textiles can be found everywhere. To name a few: material that sense how much light to absorb, textiles that measure pulse and immune systems, gloves with microphones, sensors in mattresses, cooling clothes, warming article of clothing...
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