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India is today one of the largest telecom markets in the world, with an addition of more than 18 million subscribers every month. Telecom sector has continued to emerge as the prime engine of economic growth, contributing to nearly 2% of the Indian GDP. Indian telecommunication sector has undergone a major transformation through significant policy reforms, particularly under NTP 1999. Driven by various policy initiatives, the Indian telecom sector has achieved a phenomenal growth during the last few years and is poised to take a big leap in the future. The industry is expected to reach a size of 344,921 Crore (US$ 68.81 billion) by 2012 at a growth rate of over 26 per cent, and generate employment opportunities for about 10 million people during the same period. This has in turn propelled the rise of mobile manufacturing companies also significantly with Nokia and Samsung the largest players in the organized sector. In the recent years, Samsung has aggressively marketed its mobiles and captured a huge market share. Through this report, we have tried to understand the market and consumer of Indian mobile phone users which will help Samsung strengthen their marketing plan. Consumer Analysis:

We know that the principle of marketing is essentially to engage customers with a brand and attract them to buy the product. For this purpose, the most essential component is Consumer Analysis through which we can position the right product at the right place & price to acquire new customers, retain them and subsequently use them to promote our brand. In order to develop a marketing plan for Samsung mobiles, we involved in studying a diverse group of mobile users. Considering the fact that Samsung has a wide range of mobiles, starting from the basic essential phones to the high end tablets, we tried to interact with consumers across the Socio-Economic Classes and understand the perspective of each customer. As part of the consumer analysis, we interviewed five mobile users, including both users of Samsung mobile handsets and other competitor’s handsets. Apart from the interviews, we also asked consumers to rank different mobile manufacturers according to specific parameters through an online survey to get a quantitative aspect to our research. Most of the survey respondents were students who own a mobile. Analysis of the Interviews:

India has grown immensely as a mobile market in the last five years. All our interviewees used at least one mobile handset before the current model. Mobile handsets are not just a means of communication only for most of the users. The price range of most Samsung mobiles used in India varies between Rs 1100 to Rs 35000. Because of the price and the longevity of the product, it is a high involvement buying on the part of the consumer. Also, considering the significant difference across models, if we map it in the significant difference between brands quadrant, we realise mobile phones are bought for extended problem solving. Accordingly, buyers follow a rational approach in most cases while buying mobile handsets. The brand recognition of Samsung was found to be very high. All the persons we interacted with were aware of Samsung mobiles. In fact other than Nokia, Samsung was the only brand which was recognized by consumers across all segments. Based on the inputs we got from the interviews, we realized the main factors considered by a customer while buying a mobile phone are as follows: a) Price

b) Battery Life
c) Sturdiness
d) Sales and Service network
e) Additional features like camera, music player, internet etc f) Screen size and interface
The importance of these parameters was also confirmed through the online survey. The needs identified for...
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