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Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Smartphone Pages: 7 (1763 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Title: Smartphones in our life
Author: Sharifah Alabdulmohsin
Student Number: A00179874
The date: 14 -2-2012
Lecturers: Eimear Kelly and Miriam Croke


This report investigated Smartphones in our life. Ten respondents were given a survey to answer eleven questions. The main finding was most students have a Smartphone and spend about two hours every day. Most people used their Smart phones for games, music and news. It was concluded that about the advantages and disadvantages of Smart phones such the main advantage it is a way to communicate with people and the main disadvantage it is expensive. Also, Smart phones are a future phone because The number of Smart phones user increases.

The recommendations are that students should benefit more from their Smart phones in their studies. In addition, companies should reduce the price of Smart phones.


Literature review5



1- Background
The history of this issue is the rise in use of new technology such as a Smartphone as a way of for communication and using many programs.
The objectives of this report are to know:
1-What is a Smartphone.
2-Popularity and market share of Smartphones.
3-The advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.

Scope: This report will examine how AIT students use Smartphones. The research was limited to the questions in the survey.

Literature review
1-What is a Smartphone?
A Smartphone is a kind of modern technology and it is the newest generation of mobile phone which is more than a phone due to it is multi task facilities and implementations. A Smartphone includes a digital camera and interactive programs. The website, Tech-faq (2012) says that “a Smartphone is a small, all-in-one devices that is used for communication and computing function and allow users to choose the application that they want to install and use to suit their lifestyle and their job” (Smartphone).This indicates that having a Smartphone could make people’s life easier ,for example it helps people to organize their time by using some programs such as calendar and notebook. Also, people use their Smart phones for many other applications. In fact, 61% of people use their mobile phone for games, 55% for weather, 50% map/search, 49% social networking and 33% for entertainment (Infographic: Mobile Statistics, Stats & Facts , 2011) . This shows the different uses of Smart phones. 2-Popularity and market share of Smart phones.

Today there are huge number of people using Smart phones and their popularity increases day by day. The Blog. Nielsen(2011) believes that “the research in United State in 2011 found that 43% of the population uses a Smart phone and 57% uses feature phones” (Generation App: 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 own Smartphones, 2011).The reasons for this expansion of having Smart phones first of all, these phones are easy to use. Secondly, it is suitable for all generations. The graph in the Blog. Nielsen(2011) describes that the rates of people using smart phones with different groups of ages between thirteen years and sixty five years are increasing with the passage of time from 2010 to 2011 (Generation App: 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 own Smartphones, 2011). Finally, there is big competition between the companies that produce smart phones and they try to advertise for their product to sell more of them and encourage people to buy smart phone mobile. From Blog. Nielsen(2011) they argue that 43% of people have Android smart phones, 28% have Apple I phone (ios), 18% have RIM Blackberry ,7% have Windows mobile and 4% have other phones (Generation App: 62% of Mobile Users 25-34 own Smartphones, 2011). This proves the importance of smart phones and the tendency to own it.

3-The advantages and disadvantages of Smartphones.
Today, communications with other people...

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