Smart phones

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Smart devices.

The first small phone was designed by IBM in 1992 and was called the Simon. It was displayed as a concept product that year at ODMEX expo. The phone was released for public in 1993 and marketed by a company named ‘Bellsouth’. As a smart device apart from being a mobile phone, it had calendar, address book, world clock, and calculator, address book entries, email, send and receive FAX and started the gaming revolution on phone. The most importatnt and attractive feature of that device was that it had no ‘physical’ buttons to type. In place of using a finger for touch, the phone had stylus to select the contacts and for other features like facsimiles.But later Nokia came out with a new phone formerly known as Nokia 9000 and after sometime commonly known as communicator. Later came the tablets one of the most famous creation in the category of Smart devices. Most people assume that the history of the tablet computer started when apple introduced the ‘iPAD’ in 2010. In fact there have been many previous attempts to build tablets before. The main reason for the failure of previous attempts was the not so enough ‘small’ size. The first attempt to make a tablet came about in the fifties; the first attempt at using hand writing recognition with a digital computer instead of a keyboard to input data. There were many other attempts too during the sixties but these attempts were not feasible in the real market to sell as they were very large in size and occupied a lot of space. In 1980’s technology evolved and attempts were made to build computers small enough to be held in someone’s hand but were still fairly large to be accepted by the consumers in the market. In 1999 Microsoft tried to create a tablet and they got a lot further than the early attempts of tablets. These tablets were quite capable of giving good competition to the laptops. While attempts were made to build a tablet, smart phones were also being developed. The company’s started...

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