Smart phones

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A smartphone is a mobile phone with a operating system and a much more advanced computing connectivity ability that is akin to a computer. It is a one-stop solution for information management, making or receiving calls, writing short messages, and accessing the Internet. Modern smart phones, on top of all these in-built applications, also run a myriad of free and paid applications. Smartphones have transformed the single-minded cell phone into a mobile personal computer (Zheng & Ni, 2010). They are hand-held devices which integrate a mobile phone’s common features in a simple PDA. The small operating system in smartphones have an interface for a small touchscreen. The four main types of smartphones is the iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry. Although the Symbian smartphones have sold more than any other phone in the world, Nokia switched from its native Symbian to the platform of the Microsoft Phone, selling millions of devices – attaining the position as the second-most selling smartphone globally. A smart phone simply is a device that allows for call making, and in addition has inclusions that were not in the ordinary phone – existing only on personal digital assistants such as the computer (Dhir, 2004). Smartphones entered the market to replace personal digital assistants initially used to send and receive mails and to edit office documents. Eventually, there emerged wireless PDAs and at the same time, mobile phones had the option to send text messages. The PDA therefore added more phone features, as cell phones become more computer-like. The key feature of a smartphone which differentiate it from an ordinary cell phone is the operating system. A smartphone, unlike the normal phone, has an operating system, which allows it to run programs and applications. The operating system in smartphones varies depending on the smartphone model. For instance, the Apple’s iPhone runs on iOS, and the Blackberry runs on Blackberry OS. Other smart...

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