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Review of Related Literature and Studies
The researcher has a closer prospective working knowledge about the present problem being studied did a review on both foreign and local literature and studies regarding the effects of using smartphones in the studies of students in Centro Escloar University. Local Literature

According to Vince Sales editor of the T3 magazine, there’s a point to all these gadgets. Sure it makes us look like we’re wealthy. A few gadgets can even make us feel like, if not James Bond, then that handsome devil Daniel Craig. For some of us tech is all about work and productivity. Poor lost souls. For most of us it boils down to entertainment – the happy lazy Sundays of our lives spent watching DVDs, the Lost marathons, the late nights spent with your Xbox, or the hours wasted at work surfing YouTube. That’s why were dedicating a whole issue to the topic. Whether you’re interested in movies, games, or television, we’re just like SM, we’ve got it all for you.1 Daxim Lucas wrote the article Smartphones Seen to Drive Industry Shift. The fast-changing telecommunications industry is changing some more. Where once voice and text messaging service provided the bulk of revenues for mobile phone firms, data services are now asserting themselves as the next big driver of sales.This shift toward data services is being pushed along by the rapid growth of the smartphone market, with virtually all major manufacturers now offering phone models that double as personal digital assistants, cameras, music players and, most especially, Internet browsers.2  

In the article “Impact of Camera Phones” by Max T. Limpag, stated that the Philippines may lag behind the First World countries in the adaptation of new gadgets but the cycle of replacing old phones means more and more people are now getting camera phones to replace their old units. In fact, more and more people now use phones as their camera and as a compact computer. The camera phone has gone main stream to the point that it is now being used in broadcast media.3 In the article “Technostress: How to Survive the Digital Affliction?” by Melanie H. Perez reports that digital age with the use of cellphones, brings its own share of dangers, the latest being a widespread affliction called technostress. The advent of the new technology of cellphone in addition to the traditional ways of sending and receiving information have ideally reduced our workload and have significantly helped users become productive. Because of this technology, the speed by which request for information are sent has been shortened.4 Dadette Santiago wrote the article “High Tech-High Life,” stated that Manila at the turn of millennium is like any other nely-industrialized city. It has become mobile, fast paced and high tech. Cellphones have turned out to be more than just a fad but a whole lifestyle for generation. A necessary feature of cellular phone is texting, which has replaced beepers as the king of telecom speed. With the use, one can send messages directly to whomever one pleases. The article is related to the study because it focuses on youths that use cellphones. It epitomizes the mobile youth, who are the universal citizens of a borderless society for whom communication is vital and has been a part of a daily routine or activities that people do. It is associated more with lifestyle and as a means of communication.5 Foreign Literature

In the article “Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer?” by Alexander Wolfe, In an InformationWeek online survey of 1,139 business technology professionals, 30% of smartphone users say they use their devices for enterprise connectivity, and 37% either occasionally or frequently leave their laptops at home in favor of their smartphones. Many more users would like to ditch their laptops when they travel but are afraid of being caught short. Most midlevel execs will only cop to arriving at a meeting armed with just a smartphone if they're on...
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