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Technical Manual for ESG Switchable™ Switchable LCD Privacy Glass


Table of Contents
Overview Principles of Privacy Glass Technology Features & Benefits Benefits to our Customers Applications 4 4 4 4 5

Technical Data Shapes Electrical Electrical Installation Bus bars Typical Wiring Diagrams

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Shipping & Receiving
Shipping Storage Unexpected Breakage

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Glazing - General Notes
Surface Conditions Installation Protection Cleaning

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ESG Switchable™ – Technical Binder

Glazing Methods Frame Design Setting Blocks Glass Protection

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Trouble Shooting Warranties ESG Product Standards




Essex Safety Glass Ltd., Unit 1-3 Moss Road, Witham, Essex CM8 3UQ Tel: 01376 520061 (10 Lines), Fax: 01376 521176, Email:, Web:


ESG Switchable™

Where discretion is vital, ESG Switchable™ gives you the choice of privacy or the public gaze at the flick of a switch. Normally a diffused white which acts as a screen, this LCD glass can be made transparent simply by passing an electric current through it. With the power off, liquid crystal molecules in the Privacy film are randomly oriented so that incidental light is scattered, making the glass opaque; but when electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up and, as light passes through it, the Privacy film becomes optically clear. ESG Switchable™ is available in custom sizes and shapes, making it an ideal choice for architects and designers when creating working, home, retail and leisures spaces. In its white state, LCD glass even becomes the perfect backdrop on which to project presentations, without the need for a separate screen.

Features & Benefits
Unique Features
• The largest size film on the market - up to 1,800mm x 3,500 mm • Can be combined with certified ESG fire resistant and security glass products, acoustic and decorative interlayers • Can be applied to curved services, cut into odd shapes or even hole punched to accommodate specific display applications • No distraction of shutters. Not susceptible to mechanical failure like powered shutters, curtains or blinds • Blocks 99% of UV rays • Low working voltage • Life – average of 25 years with due care

Benefits to our Customers:
• Manufactured in UK so full support and back up • Offer supply and installation service - able to supply turnkey system • Solutions for a wide variety of applications • Complex supply and fix electrical systems service • UK Wide delivery service on ESG’s own fleet • Crating and shipping export service

Principles of Privacy Glass Technology
Development of LCD Film
Obtained license from Kent State University in 1988 Developed reliable formulations and process Designed its own equipment for production Commercialized PDLC film in 1990 Commercialized PDLC glass in 1994 Low Haze version in 2004

Product Type
ESG LCD switchable privacy glass


ESG Switchable™ – Technical Binder

• Commercial
Meeting rooms, conference rooms, office partition screens, executive offices, doors, sliding doors, roof lights, tradeshow exhibits and command centres

• Dealerships
Showrooms, meeting rooms, sliding doors and customer areas

• Hotels and Restaurants
Hotel room privacy screen, bathroom / bedroom privacy screen, external windows, doors, conference centre windows & roof-lights, bar & restaurant screens, toilet cubicles, balustrades and balconies

• Projection
Internal or external high resolution rear projection screens

• Residential
Bathroom / Shower enclosure, projection screens, doors, sliding doors, roof lights, ultra-modern residential and commercial blind applications

• Security
Security windows, bullet resistant glass, bank cashier window and automated teller security windows, vision panels, entrance foyer and cell doors and windows

• Entertainment and...
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