Small Towns Big City

Topics: Person, Greek loanwords, Atmosphere Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Costumes Bring out Different Personalities
Pulling up in the parking lot there are small groups of people crowded around getting out of their cars and preparing to enter the building, there is laughter and talking throughout the parking lot leading up to the building. Everyone is dressed in costumes for the theme of the party; there are mummies, zombies, cartoon characters, fairies, devils, musicians, super Heroes, cowboys and cowgirls, and many more. Everyone wearing a costume seems to present a more outgoing and somewhat “false” personality relevant to the character or thing that their costume is portraying. As we walk closer to the entrance from the parking lot you can hear the music, and the noise of the people inside. The music is loud and draws a crowd towards the doors. When we arrive at the entrance to the building there is a lady about five feet five inches tall with light brown shoulder length hair wearing a cowgirl outfit, standing behind a booth, checking Identification to ensure everyone who enters is at least twenty one years of age, and also collecting the entrance fee from each person. She’s talking with a fake country accent that helps add character to her costume. Her personality is bubbly and welcoming; it sets the tone for what the atmosphere is inside the building. There is another person at the entrance, a man standing beside her he is tall about six foot five or so, he has short brown hair and is wearing a uniform shirt instead of a costume. His personality is more calm and natural; I feel that this is because he is not in a costume so he doesn’t have the same ramp up as the others who are in costume have. He checks everyone’s bags for weapons, alcohol, and anything that would not be permitted inside the building. He then places a paper bracelet around each person wrist to identify that they have been checked through security, and are permitted to enter the building, this also helps the bartenders identify that the person they might be...
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