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Small Towns and Big Cities

By Ckeely1 Apr 11, 2013 442 Words
   Small town and Big cities

Some people prefer a small town over a big city, others prefer a big city over a small town. Why? Big cities and small towns have several differences, they also have a few similarities. Including that they both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, I personally like to live in a small town. There are certain aspects and qualities that one cannot bear living in a big city. Some people who live in big cities think it's the best place for them.

Big cities have numerous workplaces including huge factories, surrounded by all kinds of pollutions such as air pollution and sonar pollution. In a small town, people can breath fresh air, not polluted air. You can take deep breathes of air without getting choked up on smog of rancid exhaust emissions. People in big cities are threatened mentally and physical for their health. A large factory might provoke acid rains, acid rains may increase the acidity of soil and water which results to harming nature.

In a small town there are limited jobs available. In a big city you can get a lot of job opportunities, there are also job opportunities that have special training and higher education creating a chance for higher wages and more promotions. Even though there are more job opportunities in a big city the poverty rates are much greater and more concerning because the price of rent for city condos or houses are through the roof.

Living in a small town has many benefits, one being; the crimes committed most often are not as horrible as those that take place in big cities. Crime rates are much higher in big cities than in either small cities or rural areas. First, there's more valuable stuff to steal in big cities so robbery is more profitable. Second, it's easier to be anonymous. If you mug someone in Wabasca, there's a good chance your victim will recognize you and report the crime.

Small towns and big cities have their differences as well as their similarities. First of all, small towns and big cities both have medical services such as clinics and hospitals. Secondly, they both have schools that provide education which is similar because they follow the education standards. We also have restaurants and stores that provide small towns and big cities the necessities of life. Big cities and small towns both accommodate sports and recreation facilities.

So in conclusion I would rather live in a small town because it's more relaxing and serene than a big city, plus I wouldn't want to risk my health from the factories in big cities.

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