Small Town Pastimes

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 3, 2013
As teenagers living in a small town, we are left with very few pastimes and leisurely activities. There aren’t any cool places to go and hang out socially and because of this we are left with the choice of under-aged drinking. We get our older siblings, or older friends to buy us the alcohol that we need, we drink it, have tons of ‘fun,’ and throw up everywhere. Well at least most of us do, some of us have dealt with the abnormalities of alcoholism and have chosen to take a different path, for the better. Around me, my peers mindlessly consume alcohol and won’t realize its disastrous affects in the long run. Watching my alcoholic father as a kid really showed me what type of parent I never want to be. Although my father has killed off his alcohol abuse, my father constantly abused alcohol and my siblings and I had to deal with it all the time, growing up. I believe it affected us in different ways. It scared me and I’m sure it scared my siblings, but how we matured having this in our heads would be a completely different writing assignment. My siblings are also under this autonomous, small town pastime of partying. We all equally had to deal with the horrors of alcoholism growing up, but we chose to take different paths, alcoholically. You’d think some of would’ve learned by now. I love my siblings more than anything, but hearing about their alcohol use really angers me because of what we had to deal with, growing up. Being a senior in high school, I constantly hear people tell me about this upcoming party and that upcoming party, or a party one of my friends went to last week. I hear about how wasted one of my friends was, and how they’re ready for the next weekend. They are completely unaware of what’s going on inside of our bodies and what the alcohol is actually doing to us. This whole writing assignment might be kind of ironic, it being Red Ribbon Week, but I observe and look closely at my peers who mindlessly take in alcohol and watch it control them. Some...

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