Small Town Business Outline

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ATTENTION GETTER: I would like everyone to think back to the last time you bought something...Was it from a locally owned business? If not, when was the last time you shopped at a locally owned business? -Local businesses can have affects everyone, especially in a small community like the ones we live in. My name is... and my father owns his own business. Repeat.

Overall: Locally owned businesses are crucial to keeping small towns thriving.
+”Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact
on your community as dollars spent at national chains.”
+The more people shop locally, the more everyone in the community will benefit.
Problem: When people decide to shop elsewhere, it hurts not only the business owners but the community as well. +WHY people shop in other places:
-Larger businesses provide same products but for less amounts of money.
-It has become a habit
-Other things to do when you go to places like Cedar Falls
+WHAT this does to people:
-People lose large amounts of money
-They might move so they can have better opportunities-decreasing town population You’ve heard a lot about what the problem is, now Laura is going to introduce the solution. Transition:

Solution: Shopping locally is something that is very important to community growth and needs to be done by more people. WHY is this important:
WHAT this can do for you:


Intro: Grab attention, overview of topic, NOT PROBLEM-keeping small town running? Overall thesis at end Conclusion: Bring problem and solutions TOGETHER. What might happen if we don’t solve/action steps we need to take. Clincher Transitions:Sectional-and sectional between problem and solution(almost like another introduction) *Presentational Aid

*Visual Aid
*Video: max of 3 min. Text/audio/music
-Why do you think small businesses are important to towns?
-What are the...

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