small class teaching - an ideal teching models

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So far, there has been a very controversial issues as to whether the government should implement small class teaching. The attitidues towards this issuse diferent from person ro person. Those people who approve of it are of the opinion that small class teaching can benefit students tremendously. Yet those who cast doubles on it assert that there are many drawbacks that make this teaching mode not worth adopting. To me, nothing is better than small class teaching. Some educationalists put forwaed the idea that cutting down class size will improve the quality of education. Having to manage large classes, teachers find it impossible to vater for the needs of every student. Take English classes as an example. Teachers usually ask students to read vocabulary or sentences together aoud. If a number of students are unable to pronounce some words correctly, the teachers will merely lead the whole class t read again, paying no attention to the difficulities encountered by individual students. In contrast, when teachers face smaller classes, they can spend more time on each student in order to help them learn more efficiently. As a matter of fact, small class teaching is a global trend; therefore. not implementing the scheme is tantamount to undermining Hong Kong's competitive edge. Small class teaching, furthermore, makes it easier for the government ti provide finanial support for disadvantaged students. Overseas research indicates that small class teaching is particularly helpful to students from poor families. By grouping students receiving Comprehensice Social Security Assistance or full grants under the Student Financial Assistance Scheme together, the government can offerthem additional resources, which can alleviate inter-generational poverty. Judging from the evidence presented above, I suppose that small class teaching shuld be implemented. It is essential that the government carry out the reform gradually to ensure the most efficient use of resource.
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