Small Business Plan

Topics: High school, Basketball, Balance sheet Pages: 11 (2797 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Sheridan Skills Basketball Academy

Founder: Timothy Sheridan

Sheridan Skills Basketball Academy (SSBA),
99 Yale Terrace Blauvelt NY 10913

B. Sheridan Skills Basketball Academy offers the teaching and tuning of Young Men and Womens Basketball Skills. Through A Limited Liability Corportation,.

C. CEO and Founder: Timothy Sheridan

Bachelors of Business Administration SUNY Cobleskill in Technology Management Experience: CYO Basketball Coach, Basketball Camp Senior Counselor, Captain of TZHS basketball team Employees:

Tim Sheridan Sr: BBA Accounting Pace University
Experience: Basketball Coach for over 20 years at all levels

Ryan Sheridan: Bachelor of Business Administration SUNY Oswego Experience: CYO Basketball Coach, Basketball Camp Senior Counselor, Captain of TZHS basketball team, Captain Oswego State Basketball Team, All NY State, Rockland County POY Griffen Sheridan:

Executive Summary

SABB is a summer basketball program located in the lower Hudson valley that offers kids in high school and on their way to college. The camp will be highly competitive and not for the average player but focus on kids who have been recruited to play Division 1 Basketball. The target markets will be kids ranging from freshman in high school to graduated seniors. There is a market for such camps, and there are camps that are similar but I believe that I have the necessary drive and skills to offer kids a better opportunity than that is out there.

The benefit of this camp compared to any other kinds of camps in the vicinity is there is no high-level basketball camp to offer kids with a serious amount of talent. One of the problems with high school basketball in the lower Hudson valley is that there is no exposure to show what the kids can do and give them the opportunity to show their respected talent to college scouts and amateur leagues. The camp will be held in the summer months, to maximize attendance and so that other obligation will be minimized like other leagues and school. Kids these days lives are run by sports, Basketball can be a opportunity for kids to make their lives better. They already dedicate their lives to sports, and this will help them to advance their skills and aid them in their goals and dreams.

The experience that is needed by my staff and I could be considered ample and sufficient. We all possess basketball backgrounds and high IQ’s in basketball. As a entrepreneur I have had little experience myself but my father who also is a partner and our accountant; owns his own business. This is my first business, but I have had plenty of work experience. I have worked in the restaurant business which I can attribute my people to people sales skills. I also work as a consultant for JP Morgan Chase which I can attribute my business skills by honing them in a professional business setting and work experience. I am seeking finance in the amount of $150,000 and using $20,000 of my own money into SSBA.


At SSBA we want to advance the high school basketball competition in the Lower Hudson Valley by offering a high-level summer basketball camp. The exposure necessary for kids these days to get into college and recruited is the problem. SSBA wants to help these kids not only get better with Basketball but also give them the opportunity to get noticed.

Mission Statement

The Mission of SSBA is to enrich the lives of Lower Hudson Valley Basketball student athletes, by providing life development skills and opportunities to further their educational development through the game of basketball. It is the goal of this organization to assist athletes in becoming valuable and valued contributors to their community.

Industry Profile and Overview

Industry Analysis

The basketball camp industry is very popular around the Hudson Valley in the fact that they are almost a glorified babysitting for kids during the day. Each school and local college has a...
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