Small Business Management

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Felecia Brown
Small Business Management
Vivian Scott

Think about an unethical business practice that you (or someone you know) have encountered at a small business • Describe the situation, what happened, and why do you think the practice was unethical. • Describe your reaction, what did you do as a result of the unethical practice (such as quit shopping at that business, told others, filed a formal complaint, etc.) • Explain what you think the small business owner should have done differently.

I am from an African American from a small town in Georgia and I grew up around racism. Well an Arabian family moved into town and opened a store in our town and when it first opened everyone wanted to see what was in it. It was a small store but everyone was still excited. Well the first time I went in the store one of the workers were following me around the store. At first I didn’t think much of it, until it became very noticeable. So me being the very opened minded person that I am, stop what I was doing and looked at her and asked her what she was doing. And she was very rude and responded “Hurry up and buy and get out my store, you people always takes what not yours and leave.” I thought that was very unprofessional and put everything I had in my basket down and left without saying anything. Her comment was very racist and it bothered me, because I’ve never stolen anything and my life, and it was not fair she was blaming me for what others had done. I then told everyone I knew about my encounter, and I was not the only person who had experienced that. I honestly think that she could have handled that whole situation differently. Instead of accusing me, and following me she could have been professional, and courteous and watched me on the camera (they had a million in the store)
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