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Topics: Long, Short, Stock Pages: 1 (461 words) Published: September 19, 2014
Trading Game report

The FastMoola group opened the trading account on 18th of May the first trade positions the group opened was APN group limited by shorting 5 contracts (500 shares) on 19th of May at $0.69 we assumed the stock price will decrease due to its financial position and the technical analysis hinted that the stock would be bearish, however we were wrong and the stock price increased and we closed our position on 22nd of May by covering the shorted stocks back at $0.75 and our loss was realized at -$30. On the same day the group also opened another short position of 5 contracts (500 shares) on Fairfax limited at $1.05 the group closed the position on the 22nd of May at $1.02 our realized profit was $15. The group also opened up a long position on USD/CAD of 12 contracts on 19th of May at 1.857 on 22nd of May the price increased to 1.0913 however the group did not closed the position due to technical analysis shown that there was still some spread before the short-term and long term moving average converges, on 29th of May the trade closed out at 1.860 and the realized profit $360CAD however, the group potentially could have made more profit if the position was closed on 22nd of May but due to behavioural finance and greed, the trade made a mere profit of $360CAD.

The FastMoola Group opened up a long position on 10 contracts on EUR/USD on 20th of May at the price of 1.371 on 22nd of May the price increase to 1.3690 however we did not closed the account until 23rd of May and our realized loss was -$2000USD. The reason why we made the loss is due to mistaken prediction of the market and misleading signals.

The group opened up short positions on EUR/YEN and GBP/EUR. The price for EUR/YEN upon opening the position was ¥138.59 and on 23rd of May we closed the short position at ¥138.88 and the group realized a loss of ¥174,000 from the purchase of 6 contracts, along with this loss the group also incurred a loss of -€1740 because the price increased...
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