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The Big Business of Small Business

Small business plays a vital role in contributing towards the worlds overall economy. One of the biggest attributes of the small business is the amount of growth it supplies via job creation. A large percentage of the world’s enterprises are small or medium. That is why with all the completion it is essential that we identify ways to help small businesses better perform. The production of small business can sometimes be overlooked with all the smoke and mirrors used by major corporations. Small business and enterprises have to remain a priority because of the job creation, ability to create competition, and stabilization of the economy. The economy thrives off creation. It helps the economy a great deal when individuals go out and become entrepreneurs. Even in the poorest economical downfall they bring work and income, which benefits everyone. “In 2004 studies show that there were an estimated 23,974,500 businesses’ running in the United States, of which the 5,683,700 businesses’ with employees 5,666,000 were small business”. (Longly1) Job creation has always been a part of the nation’s economic policy. Small businesses are the catalyst for job growth in our forever changing economy. So by nurturing and providing funding available for them to expand we help our over place in the global economy. Healthy competition in the business world is great for the markets. Competition can be a good thing for you, when both business small and large do it the right way. It's easy to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in your business when there is no pressure to improve business or the product. The small business is needed to keep corporate America honest and thinking sharply. Joint venture also come about from competition. If done right ventures can be very lucrative for all parties big and small. Promotion of one another is something businesses should grasp on too, rather than tearing each other down. A stable...
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